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High-Quality Dental Hygiene Handpieces for Practitioners

Hygiene dental handpieces are a key instrument in all prophy appointments. These carefully crafted instruments aid in providing a smooth tooth polishing that is comfortable for patients. The devices are air-driven or electric. You may choose from ergonomically-designed units, lightweight pieces, or even those that are constructed of high-quality metals and multiple features. Dental hygiene handpieces are utilized daily, and usually, several times throughout the day. They must be chosen with care. In this brief guide, you will be introduced to 5 of the highest-quality handpieces/accessories currently available on the market. By choosing one of these instruments, you will quickly find that your practice experiences higher levels of productivity and higher profits.

The Clear Advantage Hygiene Handpiece


This particular dental hygiene handpiece is comparable to the highly reputable RDH from Midwest, but half the cost! It possesses the same beautiful design and is capable of performing in an equivalent manner to the Midwest model. The handpiece possesses an ergonomic design -meaning it is lightweight and it drastically reduces the strain experienced by the dental practitioner. The RPMs rank in at an amazing speed of 5,000 RPMs. If you are in the market for hygiene dental handpieces designed for disposable prophy use, this is the model for you!

The Hygienist Plus 5,000 RPM Motor

hygienist plus

This amazing product has the capability of achieving 5,000 RPMs, but it operates quietly! Its sleek design and quiet operation helps put even the most anxious of patients at ease. This is specially designed for prophy appointments. It uses disposable-based prophy angles. The lightweight unit has a swivel nose that is capable of moving 360 degrees. The chuck system is a push/pull friction grip. This device is fully autoclavable. If you are in search for a wonderful new addition to your practice, this is a must-have!

Micromite Hawk 5500 RPM Hygiene Handpiece


Are you in need of an ultra-high torque dental handpiece that goes at a slow speed? If so, this handpiece is for you! It has an assembly of just one piece and absolutely no attachments are needed. This is the number one solution when it comes to prophy applications in your practice! It has a rotational control system of both forward and reverse. It has a quick release chuck of an open and close of just 1 /4 of a turn. The swivel head is capable of turning 360 degrees and it aids in preventing the tubes you use from twisting and/or experiencing a back end drag. Best of all, it accepts the largest variety of disposable prophies, angles, and burs!

The Midwest RDH Style-Clear Advantage Hygiene Handpiece


This dental handpiece is another that is directly modeled after the Midwest RHD. It has the same design as this widely popular dental handpiece and its overall performance is equivalent. The best part is, it is actually half the price of the Midwest RDH! You will love its overall lightweight design. It is created with ergonomics in mind and disposable prophy usage. Currently, if you buy 3 of these, you will experience a massive amount of savings on each! Furthermore, you will receive a 1-year complete warranty on all pieces that you purchase!

The Short Gripper II Hygienist Handpiece 5,000 RPM

short gripper

If you are in the market for a perfectly balanced and very lightweight dental handpiece product, this is for you! This short grip product is designed to accept all of the standard contra angles and all of the currently available disposable angles. It is ergonomic and easy on both the hands and the wrists. Despite being compact, it rotates at an amazingly high level of 5,000 RPMs. Considered extremely powerful, this is also very fast. You will find that it is easy to rapidly complete each patient and perform to the highest of standards with this absolutely amazing dental handpiece.

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