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Hughes Dental Offers Many Services for Dental Practitioners

As a dental practitioner, it is imperative that you have a variety of services available at all times to ensure full functionality of your practice; we here at Hughes Dental offers these services and more!


If you are a dental practitioner in search of highly-reliable, extensive experience in dental handpiece repair, look no further. We here at Hughes Dental service each and every single brand of dental handpiece currently available on the market. Regardless of whether the dental instrument is low-speed, high-speed, air-driven, electric-driven, or surgical, we are able to successfully maintain, service, repair, and even replace your devices.

We here at Hughes Dental have been providing highly-efficient, high-quality dental handpiece repair to dental professionals and institutions around the nation since the year of 1997.

For over two decades, we have provided top-notch customer care and satisfaction and we continue growing strong in knowledge, reputation, and credibility. We specialize in ensuring that you are guaranteed the maximum value for each dollar you spend in maintenance, service, repair, and/or replacement.

We believe that quality is the foundation to the success of any dental practitioner and/or dental practice. As a result, we only utilize the very best in quality parts. In fact, many of these parts exceed the standards as set forth by the original equipment manufacturers of today’s most prestigious dental handpiece products. In addition to providing these high-quality dental handpiece parts, we also specialize in ensuring the proper installation of the parts. Best of all, we offer all of this at the most competitive of prices on the market today.

To initiate the service process, you simply visit our website to print out a shipping label. Then, package up the product and mail it directly to us. Once we receive your instrument, we will carefully evaluate the unit to determine any and all problems. Upon evaluating the device, we will carefully review the bearings, the airlines, the chuck, and other small components to ensure optimal functionality. This will help us to determine if you are in need of simple maintenance, repair, or complete replacement.

We work to ensure a quick turnaround. We strive to get your handpiece done within 24 hours or less. If we are unable to repair your dental handpieces, we will guide you through the process of discovering dental instruments that will meet the unique needs of your practice. On repairs, we offer a 6-month warranty that provides a rebuild of the turbine, cleaning, water and line cleaning, safety tests, as well as performance tests. We want to offer you the best services, at the best prices, at the times when you need them most.

In addition to a variety of services, we also offer many different products. These include high-speed dental handpieces, low-speed dental handpieces, electric-driven dental handpieces, refurbished dental handpieces, and a wide assortment of supplies and accessories.

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