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Kavo Handpiece Repair Guide – Signs That Indicate It Is Time for Certified Handpiece Repair Services

kavo635Kavo handpiece repair services are exceptionally important to dentists. Your handpiece or “drill”, as often referred to by patients, is considered to be one of the single most important dental tools that you have at your disposal. Dental handpieces are used for a wide assortment of dental care functions. Examples include shaping teeth, preparing for dental fillings, removing dental fillings, completing root canals, removing tooth decay or “caries”, and several other tasks. In order for you to do your job, your Kavo dental handpieces must be performing at its absolute best. This will take certain care and maintenance. In this guide, you will learn how to tell when you need Kavo handpiece repair services. If you find that your high-speed instrument requires certified handpiece repair, we are standing by at Hughes Dental to assist you. You will be provided with direct contact information at the end of this guide.

The Turbine Becomes Compromised
In a dental handpiece, the bur is the one component that has the highest level of activity. In fact, when dental handpieces need to be repaired, in most instances it results in bur vibration or failure to run concentrically.  As a result of this fact, it is imperative that the turbine is working optimally at all times. As the bur rotates, you should find that it is rotating smooth and concentric along with the turbine. If the handpiece starts to show signs of being off-balance or damaged, you will need to obtain certified handpiece repair services right away. An  will not only have a detrimental impact on your instrument, but, it could result in injuries to both you and your patients.

The Air Pressure of the Instrument
It is important that you understand that dental handpieces that are powered through a turbine are dependent upon the air pressure of the instrument. You should check the Kavo manufacturing guidelines to determine at what PSI you should be running. If you operate it at a higher pressure than this, you may find that wear and tear occurs more easily. Running at high air pressure speeds often results in malfunction. If your instrument becomes damaged as a result of high operational air pressure speeds, you will be required to have our Kavo handpiece repair services.

Heating of the Dental Handpiece
The next sign that you may require Kavo handpiece repair services is if the handpiece starts to run hot or you consistently expose the instrument to heat during the sterilization process. Running hot is a definite sign of needing dental handpiece repair. If your instrument starts to become sluggish after sterilization, the internal components of the device may be worn or need to be replaced.

If you need Kavo handpiece repair services, we have certified handpiece repair technicians standing by at Hughes Dental Repair, ready and willing to assist you. For more information, give us a call at: 800-773-0800

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