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Keep Your Dental Evacuation System Clean

As a practitioner, you understand that stable suction is the critical component of achieving success in all patient procedures. Learn how to keep your dental evacuation system clean and functioning optimally.


If your dental evacuation system starts experience issues and slogging down during a busy day at your practice, you will quickly discover that it detrimentally impacts your productivity levels, triggers a multitude of unthoughtful activities centered around quick fixes, results in the dissatisfaction of your patients, and negatively impacts your financial success..

Dentistry is not ‘expensive’. The true ‘expense’ lies in neglect….” – Unknown

Each and every single dental practice has a daily cleaning regimen. In some instances, this regimen extends over into weekly, monthly, and quarterly tasks. Examples include cleaning the lines, cleaning the traps, and scheduling regular maintenance on the evacuation system. In years past, these activities were typically performed utilizing chemical cleaners that are labeled as “non-foaming”.

In numerous studies, it has been established that previous types of dental evacuation system cleansing agents leave behind varying degrees of biofilm as they engage in flushing tasks. As this organic waste continues to accumulate in the system, blockages occur that result in suction failure.

In evaluating traditional dental evacuation system cleaners, it has been determined that the substances do not successfully eliminate waste; instead, they simply move the waste around within the system.

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