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Midwest Dental Supplies and Equipment

Midwest Dental is a highly popular and reputable company that specializes in providing the highest quality products to the dental sector. Since the company started in 1988, Midwest Dental has assisted dental professionals by creating and distributing the finest supplies and equipment currently available on the market.

In recent years, it has expanded its operations to offer the latest and greatest in dental technology instruments. We here at Hughes Dental not only service Midwest Dental equipment, but we also offer a variety of Midwest Dental products. In this guide, we will highlight a few of the available products that we feel are sure to enhance your dental facility.

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The Ball Bearing Latch Head for Midwest Dental Attachments

ball bearing latch

Midwest Dental offers a variety of dental handpieces that are designed with you in mind. We also offer a variety of attachments for both low-speed and high-speed units. Our ball bearing latch for these attachments offers a highly compact construction, high efficiency, and quiet operation.

These provide balance and are lightweight. You will discover that it offers highly reliable performance.

Though small, these devices are backed by extreme power. In fact, they pack the same amount of torque as the larger models. In addition to power and performance, we offer these latch heads at the most competitive prices currently available on the market.

The Nose Cone for Midwest Dental Shorty & Rhino


Midwest Dental attachments are created to ensure the highest level of reliability when it comes to performance and the highest level of comfort for practitioners. All this, at the most reasonable price. The nose cone that we offer here at Hughes Dental is designed to fit on the Shorty and the Rhino dental handpieces. This product offers optimal maneuverability and a lightweight design that is highly ergonomically correct. This aids in ensuring that hand fatigue is reduced and that there is a high sense of perfect balance when performing procedures. The precision-based locking mechanism helps to ensure that you are able to perform bur changes quickly and safely. Additionally, this piece is fully autoclavable.

Midwest Dental Product Services

In addition to a variety of Midwest Dental products, we here at Hughes Dental offer a wide range of Midwest Dental product services. It does not matter if you are in need of standard maintenance, dental handpiece repair, or a complete replacement of your product, we can assist you! We enlist only the most qualified technicians and the highest-quality products to ensure your 100% satisfaction.

Best of all, we offer shipping labels directly from our website. This means that you do not even have to leave your office! Simply print out our shipping label, affix it to a box with your product, and put it in your mailbox. We will do the rest!

We offer our distinguished Hughes Promise to all dental practitioners that elect to utilize our services and purchase our products.

The goal is simple – we guarantee that we will offer you the absolute maximum value for each repair dollar that you invest. We offer quality repairs with only the highest quality parts. In many instances, our parts are even higher quality than those that are offered by original equipment manufacturers.

To learn more about our Midwest Dental products and our services, you may contact us today by calling: 1-800-773-0800

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