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Optimize the Return on Investment of Your Dental Handpieces by Following a Maintenance Routine

According to technicians that specialize in dental handpieces, the single most important method for optimizing the return on investment of your handpiece instruments is to follow a regular maintenance routine.

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Dental handpieces are regularly exposed to biological debris, lubrication products, enamel, and similar substances. If not cleaned and maintained on a regular basis, these substances may bake into the housing wall, clog the instrument, and detrimentally impact its overall performance. If these substances find their way into the instrument’s turbine, they could drastically reduce the life of the instrument. Regular maintenance is required – not only to protect your investment, but to improve your return on your investment.

Dentistry is not expensive, neglect is….”Unknown

Basic Items

To ensure the maintenance of your dental handpieces, there are a few basic items that you should ensure that you keep in your practice at all times. These include the following:

  • Lubricant with cleaner
  • Alcohol
  • O-rings
  • Seals
  • Cotton Swabs

Maintenance Schedule

When maintaining your dental handpieces, there are steps that should be taken after using the instruments on a patient, and each week. The following outlines what should be done immediately following the use of your instrument on a patient:

  • First, you should carefully look over the dental handpiece to determine if it has developed any body damage – such as cracks – and then, look over the fiber-optics to ensure no damage has occurred.
  • Next, you should evaluate the seals to determine if they are worn beyond what is ideal for usage.
  • Immediately after, check the O-rings to ensure that they are still completely intact.
  • The body of the dental handpiece, as well as the fiber-optic, should be thoroughly cleaned with alcohol.
  • Lubrication is needed, this should be done after every use.
  • Finally, the dental handpiece should be bagged and then autoclaved, based on the guidelines as set forth by the manufacturer of the device.

The following maintenance steps should be performed each week on your dental handpieces:

  • The dental handpiece and swivel-based glass/fiber-optic should be completely cleaned.
  • The chuck within the dental handpiece should be cleaned and all debris should be removed to ensure optimal performance.
  • The O-rings located on the swivel of the instrument should be cleaned and thoroughly lubricated.

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Here at Hughes Dental, we offer many parts and solutions that will aid in the care and maintenance of your dental handpieces. Additionally, our team of dental handpiece experts specialize in the maintenance and repair of these important dental instruments. We service a wide assortment of dental handpiece brands.

Regardless of whether you utilize low-speed, high-speed, air-driven, electric-driven, or specially-designed surgical dental handpieces, we are here to help. Not only do we offer fast and personal service, we offer it at the most competitive prices in the industry.

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