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Poorly Maintained Dental Handpieces Could Result in Injuries – Part 2

dental-turbinesLast week, you learned that poorly maintained dental handpieces could result in a number of injuries to you, your staff, and your patients. Specifically, we covered the burn injuries that have been reported in high numbers the past several years. You were informed of the basic processes associated with dental handpieces and the complications that have been known to occur and why. This week, we are continuing our series, “Poorly Maintained Dental Handpieces Could Result in Injuries”. Here, you will learn about the steps that may be taken to avoid injuries when using your dental handpieces.

Avoiding Injuries
In Part 1 of this series, we informed you that the FDA announced that many were experiencing injuries as a result of improperly maintained dental handpieces. Now, we will expound on the recommendations that the organization issued immediately following this announcement. In order to successfully prevent the development of serious issues such as injuries to yourself, your staff, and your patients, you should follow the recommendations offered by the FDA. These are as follows:

  1. You should make every effort to ensure that all electrical-based dental handpieces are maintained. If you are unsure about the specific maintenance requirements, you should refer to the instructions provided by the manufacturer.
  2. Routine service is a requirement when it comes to dental handpieces. You should learn about the maintenance schedule as outlined by the handpiece manufacturer. If you are unsure of what the manufacturer requires, you may contact Hughes Dental today by calling: 800-773-0800.
  3. All of the members of your dental practice should be thoroughly trained in how to clean and properly maintain the dental instruments within your practice. They should understand that each tool and/or device requires specific care. While educating members of your staff on this, it is important to ensure that you schedule these cleanings and maintenance sessions to ensure that your dental handpieces are operating optimally at all times.
  4. Each time that you elect to use a dental handpiece in your practice, you should make certain that you take the time to examine it. If you observe any worn burs, worn drills, or other problems, the product should not be used. It should be shipped to Hughes Dental immediately in order to be repaired and/or maintained. You should never use dental handpieces that could put you, your staff, and/or your patients at risk for injuries.

Now that you have read Part 1 and Part 2 of our series, “Poorly Maintained Dental Handpieces Could Result in Injuries”, you know and understand that burns and other types of issues may develop if your dental handpieces are not properly maintained. We here at Hughes Dental know and understand just how challenging it is to take the time to ensure that all of your handpieces are properly functioning. That is why we are standing by to assist you! Why wait until it is too late and someone has already been injured? Simply leave all of your maintenance needs to us! If you would like to learn more, visit us today at:

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