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Top Factors to Consider When Purchasing Dental Handpieces

sirona-dental-handpiecesTop Factors to Consider When Purchasing Dental Handpieces

As a practitioner, dental handpieces are essential to your overall success. You will want to ensure that you buy instruments, attachments, and lab equipment that is highly-durable, exceptionally reliable, and of the absolute highest quality possible.

When it comes to dental handpieces, you have many options that meet all of these criterion – Sirona, Star, Midwest, Kavo, Shein, W&H, Synea, MK-Dent, and Patterson. In this brief guide, we will outline the top factors to consider when initiating the process of purchasing dental handpieces.

Noise Output

The first consideration that should be made when purchasing dental handpieces is the noise output of the instrument. Those that utilize an air-turbine typically have a noise output that ranges from 70Db TO 80 Db. The standard electrical dental handpiece has a noise output of 55Db to 60Db. Noise ranges are imperative as extremely noisy dental instruments seem to decrease comfort and increase anxiety among patients. You should always opt for handpieces that produce less noise.


The next factor that should be considered when buying dental handpieces is the ergonomics of the instrument. You should really place the instrument in your hand and see if it feels well. Electric handpieces are commonly a bit heavier than the air-driven handpieces. There are devices that have textured grips, smooth surfaces, and even those that include grooves for grasping. You will want to ensure that you are comfortable when holding the device.


When the dental handpiece spins, it is actually turning on its axis. The tightness associated with this action is the concentricity of the piece. If there is a low amount of concentricity, the instrument will wobble. This often results in a vast amount of discomfort for the patient when drilling is occurring. Many refer to this as “bur chatter”. The air-driven dental handpieces have more of a wobble than electrical devices. You may opt for either, but, it is best to go for that which is better suited for your patients.


Hughes Dental offers a variety of dental handpieces that are perfect for any practice. It does not matter if you lean more towards electrical instruments or those that are air-driven. We have an immense selection to choose from.

Additionally, we offer maintenance and repair services for the dental handpieces that your practice currently utilizes.

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