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Turbine Repair for High-Speed Dental Handpieces

In terms of repairs for the high-speed dental handpieces in practices, the most common involve the turbines of the air driven dental handpiece.

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Throughout history, turbines in dental handpieces were known to have a long lifespan; however, since the induction of constant sterilization, turbines have a limited lifespan.

As a result, practitioners often find themselves spending a great deal on repairs.

This is the only moving component in air driven high-speed dental handpieces. While in operation, turbines often meet or exceed speeds of 400,000 RPM. The excessive speeds in which the turbine operates also results in the wear and tear on the part.

While cleaning and ensuring lubrication aids in extending the overall life of the dental turbine, repair is an eventual and inevitable challenge that will be met by your practice.

Turbine Components

The turbine that is located in today’s dental handpieces possess many different parts. These include a spindle, O-rings, an end cap, a cap-end bearing, a chuck, an impeller, and a bur-end bearing.

The turbine is often considered to be the “brain” of the dental instrument and the bearings are considered to be the “heart” of the instrument.

If components of the turbine quit functioning, the turbine, itself, may start to fail. This may negatively impact your ability to perform procedures on patients, may result in patient dissatisfaction, and may even result in downtime for your practice.

Dental Handpiece Repair

If the turbine in your dental handpiece starts to fail, you will require a repair technician. In terms of costs, it makes sense to have the turbine rebuilt instead of completely replaced. The technicians that specialize in dental handpiece repair services typically have been certified by the manufacturer of the devices.

It is best to opt for only those that hold this certification and you should confirm the technician’s credentials. By opting for a certified repair specialist, you will save both time and money as the turnaround is often quick and the process of rebuilding the turbine is much cheaper than completely replacing the turbine.

The Process

There is a certain process followed by certified dental handpiece repair technicians that are hired to rebuild a turbine within the dental instrument. First, the broken bearings are removed. Immediately thereafter, new bearings are placed on the assembly of the spindle chuck. The O-rings are then replaced. In some instances, the teeth that are part of the impeller are also replaced. If your dental handpieces have a troubled turbine, the technician will be able to evaluate the component and determine the best process for rebuilding the instrument.

We Can Help

We here at Hughes Dental are certified dental handpiece experts. We provide the highest quality customer service and replacement parts. Your dental practice is our priority. We carefully evaluate your dental handpieces through testing and check all of the functions associated with the instrument. If we are capable of rebuilding, we will do so; however, there may be instances in which a standard repair is not appropriate. In these cases, we will contact you directly.

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