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Understanding Your Curing Light Dental Care Product

In order to truly appreciate the functionality associated with the curing light dental care product within your practice, you must have a solid understanding of the product, know its purpose and intent, and have a working knowledge of the benefits that relate to the product. A curing light is a specially-designed piece of dental equipment that is used to engage in the art of polymerization of composites that are resin-based. In simple terms, the light that is emitted from the dental care product sets fissure-based tooth fillings, tooth sealants, and dental-based cements. To date, there are four different types of curing lighting dental care products. These are the light-emitting diode (LED), the laser, the Tungsten halogen, and the plasma arc curing (PAC). The most popular choices among dentists are the LED curing light and the halogen curing light.

Dental Significance
According to dentists, the development of the curing light dental care product dramatically changed the dental field. Prior to utilizing this product, different types of materials were utilized to place and set resin-based materials and composites within the teeth. Prior to the curing light, a resin material that was self-curing was used; however, there were many disadvantages to this material. First, the dentists lacked control of the curing time. Second, the dentist had to move quickly to place the material within or on the teeth. If a mistake was made, the dentist had to remove it and restart. Finally, the placement of the previous material diminished patient comfort. When the curing light became available and light-activated resins were introduced to the dental market, the process of setting fissure-based fillings, sealants, and cements became much easier. First, the light-activated resin does not cure until exposed to the curing light dental care product. Second, the patient experiences no discomfort. Finally, it is much more cost-effective than the previous setting material.

Standard Operation
The curing light dental care product assists in setting fissure-based dental treatments in just seconds. When fillings, sealants, and cement is placed within the mouth, it is soft. This is so  dentists have the capability of molding the material into the correct shape. Once the dentist is satisfied, the curing light is turned on and it is placed in such a way that it shines on the material. There are light-activated sensors inside of the material that start to harden when subjected to the light. Eventually, it becomes so hard that it can withstand the chewing motions and other forces that occur within the mouth. You should ensure that the curing light that is part of your dental practice is properly maintained so that it works effectively with each use. Failure to properly maintain these dental care products could result in many serious consequences for your dental practice. If you care about your practice and your patients, you should opt for a curing light dental care product in your facility. For more information about this dental care product, contact Hughes Diversified Dental Repair and Sales at 800-773-0800.

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