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Experienced, High-Quality Dental Handpiece Repair and Maintenance at the Best Price

Your dental practice is more than just a job. It is more than just a hobby. It is more than just a way to tend to your financial affairs. It is your livelihood. And it is a critical component to the oral health of those clients that you serve. Each component of your practice – […]

Ohio Dental Association Annual Session Major Sale Pricing

Beyes Factory Sale We will have a major sale on Beyes handpieces during the Ohio Dental Association Annual Session October 3rd through October 6th. 2019. Electric Micromotor Systems, electric handpieces, Airlight LED high speeds, Caremaster Automatic Handpiece Maintenance System, Surgical and more. Speak to a Beyes rep at our booth # 336. Download the Flyer […]

Signs of Occupational Hearing Loss Among Dentists

Dental professionals are becoming exceptionally aware of the numerous occupational hazards associated with their profession. Dentists protect their skin with jackets, aprons, and gloves. Protective eyewear and face shields are a must. Conclusive evidence states the importance of protecting the back with loupes and similar products. There is one question that must be asked, though; […]

Certified Handpiece Repair of Air-Driven Models

Certified handpiece repair is of the utmost importance to dentists who utilize air-driven models. These types of dental handpieces operate through the use of a compressor, which produces the compressed air that drives the unit to function properly. The inside of the unit includes a special turbine which contains both bearings and carefully-designed o-rings. A special chuck […]

Dental Handpieces – Basic Maintenance and Repair

Dental handpieces have evolved in a significant manner throughout the years and remain to be a highly-valuable and vital component of modern dentistry. The basic care, maintenance, and repair of these dental instruments are considered to be essential when it comes to properly preserving the instruments and ensuring its proper functioning. The traditional-based models that […]

Hughes Dental Highlights Factors That Could Result in Bearing Failure on Air-Turbine Used Dental Handpieces

Hughes Dental Handpiece Repair, has recently outlined several factors that could result in the complication of bearing failure on the air-turbine used dental handpieces that are commonly used in dental practices across the nation. Air-turbine dental handpieces have been used for the majority of all cutting procedures in excess of five decades. The very first air-turbine […]

Oral Health Dental Care Handpiece Lingo for Dentists

Oral health dental care handpieces are considered to be among the most frequently utilized mechanical-based devices by dentists. These amazing tools have evolved from a primitive-based cutting tool that was initially introduced during the 19th Century to a sophisticated, highly-efficient device that is well-respected and valued in today’s world. In evaluating the history of these […]

Dental Evacuation System – Should You Clean Suction Lines?

The Dental Evacuation System – Should You Clean or Disinfect the Suction Lines of Your Dental Care Product? The dental evacuation system is, perhaps, the single most important dental care product in your entire practice. Today, it is considered to be a necessary component of most of the dental procedures that you will perform. As […]

Identifying Top-Rated Dental Equipment Suppliers

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Identifying dental equipment suppliers that are considered to be top-rated may prove to be a challenging task for many dentists; however, it is not an impossible one. When shopping for dental care products for your office, it is imperative to purchase only those that are high in quality and are sold by a highly-reputable company. […]

How to Replace Your Dental Turbines – A Quick and Effective Dental Repair Guide for Professionals

Learning how to replace your dental turbines in your dental handpiece is a wonderfully effective way to save on dental repair costs and to reduce the amount of down time that your dental establishment experiences. When using handpieces in the dental setting, it is imperative that each works optimally, at all times. Each one that […]