Increase the Life of Your Sirona Dental Handpieces by Ensuring Regular Maintenance

If you want to increase the life of your Sirona dental handpieces, it is imperative that you ensure that the handpiece undergoes regular maintenance. A handpiece that functions poorly not only results in stress for the clinician; it may also result in a less-than-favorable experience for the patient. Additionally, it may result in the loss of […]

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Bio-Pure: Get Your Suction Lines Back To Work!

Bio-Pure Evacuation Cleaner is one of the best products ever created to help every dental practitioner work with utmost confidence and care; to perform procedures to each and every patient without having to worry about bacterial contamination or defective suction lines. Every dental procedure is easy and smooth. “I would recommend Bio-Pure to any practice that […]

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Dental Handpiece Care and Maintenance

A dental handpiece is no doubt one of the most important tool in a dental practice. It is an expensive, non-disposable dental tool that uses state-of-the art technology that is precision-made for quality and efficient application. The handpiece, its replacement parts and handpiece repair can become very expensive if care is not applied to it. […]

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Midwest Shorty Tech Tip

Here is a tech tip for  Midwest Shorty users from Hughes Dental LLC, a  family owned handpiece repair company that has been a trusted repair center for over 17 years.  If the Midwest Shorty suddenly no longer operates, make sure the forward/reverse valve is fully depressed as shown in the photo below.  It is not […]

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Does your office suck?


Well, I hope it does! Now that I have your attention, let me explain. If your suction (evacuation) system goes down, your office is done for the day, appointments are canceled. No one wants that to happen nor can you afford for it to happen. Yet it is pretty easy to ignore that your suction […]

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Dental Handpiece Lubrication Tips

The questions about handpiece maintenance that I hear most often are: “What brand of dental handpiece lubricant should I use?” and, “Should I use lube drops or spray?” Any brand is better than nothing! It is more important that your highspeeds get lubricated after very use (and then run them to expel the excess lube […]

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